Bulldogs News · Junior High Lady Bulldogs at the Summit Lady Falcons

Spectator guidelines for the New Haven Lady Bulldogs at Summit Lady Falcons:

  1. Fans will always be required to leave at the conclusion of the game they’re attending.
  2. Fans for the following game will not be permitted entrance until the first contest has completed. We are hoping that the 8th grade game will start around 6:00pm.
  3. Fans will be required to be masked at all times, and must sit with their family group, at least 6 feet away from any other family group. Players will sit on one side of the gym and spectators on the other. Athletes will need to be masked at all times when not actively engaged.
  4. Each rostered athlete will be afforded two tickets for parents/family only. These tickets will still cost $4.
  5. Parents will purchase their tickets from a ticket taker after they enter Door 9. A ticket taker will ask their name, find their student athlete on the roster, write down their names, and sell them up to two tickets.